How to complete survey

How to complete survey

Survey, is best method to understand requirements, needs and problems of customers or responders during a visit. It is best way to resolve their issue. Most of respondents always provide best idea which will use as suggestions for corporation or store.

How to complete survey

During time of giving survey, everyone wants to know how to complete survey. So, let’s discuss:

How to complete online surveys faster:

If you are giving a survey of any restaurant, store or corporation though their online survey website then you have to following point into account because they will surely help you to complete survey successfully.

  1. Typing speed –

During time of survey, you should type your experience with higher speed. If you are able to answer each survey question within specified time or earlier. It may help to be mark your survey as speeder survey.

  1. The essentials use during time of survey (Computer, laptop or android phone) should be in

good and stable internet connection.

  1. The language used for answering questions or answer given by respondents are in simple

form to understand by survey team.

  1. Try to give complete survey within time limit.

Steps used to complete survey:

  • Sign up –
  1. If it’s your first time of survey, then you should sign up on official survey website provided by survey team.
  2. You need first to create you account on website by providing some information.
  3. On registering account, now you are able to give survey by using valid email Id.
  • Survey questions –
  1. Several types of questions about your experience are displayed on screen of survey.

Like as simple, Multiple choice questions, rating questions etc.

  1. You are able to choose your convenient languages from provided languages options.
  2. You should answer honestly each and every question.
  • Basic information –
  1. On answering all questions if survey, you have to fill up some basic information.
  2. It includes as –
  3. Name.
  4. Residential address.
  • Contact number.
  1. Valid Email Id.
  2. Personal information of user required to inform him or her about new offers of corporation, store or restaurant.
  3. It is also used to call user if he or she will announce as winner of survey.
  • Collect rewards –
  1. On completing survey, varication code display on screen.
  2. User has to note that code which is used to enjoy rewards by survey team.

Survey questions:

In survey, survey team put some basic questions about experience of respondents. These are in simple form and rating based too.

Mainly survey questions asked on the following relevant topics as:

  1. Purchased products.
  2. Price and quality of product.
  3. Nature of staff.
  4. Interior design of store, restaurant etc.

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Your assessments and views entitled in survey will assist enhance the performance of their customer service and products. So, they can better serve you. The company respects the customers point of view and work accordingly. This helps in the growth of the company and growth in the sales as well.


Electric Hoverboard

Electric Hoverboard

The electric hoverboards are best for people who are always active to move from one place to another or who always on the move.Electric Hoverboard

It is best excellent gadget for the you people who are looking for the best modern technical novelties and for outdoor activities also.

What is Hoverboard?

Generally, it is known as self-balancing scooter. It is mainly used by sport lovers to move. You have to learn the forward, backward direction, jumping during the spinning, twisting of the footpad.

The hoverboard is available with the two types as:

  1. One-wheel hoverboard – Firstly the hoverboard invention is launched with single wheel. But it is not easy to balance.
  2. Two-wheel hoverboard – So, the second invention done to launch the hoverboard with two wheels to keep smart balance by feet to avoid injury.

EHB506 electric hoverboard:

This is a best example of the electric hoverboard. The hoverboard requires power of 700 W to run the engine with 15 kilometer per hour of the maximum speed. It requires the battery with 4.4 AH to ride upto 20kilometer in just charging.

The load during the riding is limited, it is around maximum 120 kg. The spinning is also depending on the surface where the board movement is taking place.

The battery to be fully charged after 1.5 hour continuously. This type of the electric hoverboard is about 7.5 kg.

It is featured with the modern technique of the Bluetooth module. During the riding you listen the music by connecting the hoverboard to your android phone. But you have to raise volume of the songs or music and then you hear the music from the hoverboard.

You can use the application of the hoverboard on your phone to access the speed, power and percentage of battery etc.

UBoard 10inchC89007:

It is electric hoverboard which is having one advance key feature as handle of 10 inch. It is made up of aluminium and the wheel diameter is about 25.4 cm.

It is used by the 10-12 years and above for self-driven mobility purpose. The device can hold the weight about 20 to 120 kg. it has tubeless tyres. The extra safety measurefeatures are also observed in this device.

Low battery warning is provided with the advanced tab. The Bluetooth module is also available.

5 things you should know:

To buy the electric hoverboard, you should know the following 5 things:

  1. Battery – You have to choose the electric hoverboard with long durable battery.
  2. Wight and weight supported – to spin, to move or twist the weight of the user is main considerable point. As per standards, most of the hoverboards weigh about 100 kg.
  3. Speed – If you are new user to ride this electric hoverboard then you have to learn all tricks.
  4. Range.
  5. Price – The electric hoverboards are available in market with various options of prices. You have to check the main prices, discounts or any best offers during the shopping.

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The electric hoverboard is similar to the simple hoverboard but it has advanced features like Bluetooth module, LED light, charging warning with beep etc. which makes it more popular in market.

How do Foil shaver works

How do Foil shaver works

All the electric shavers are helping the user to groom the hair, trim the beard, shave the chest, back, nose and other body parts also. How do Foil shaver works

The specification of the electric foil shaver:

The foil shaver is consisting of a straight head. The oscillating blades are used in this head which is also called as cutter blades because they are used to cut the unwanted hair.

The electric foil shaver contains thin layer of metal. It covers the blade of the shaver and also protects the skin from direct contact to skin with the sharp blades. The sharp blades move back and forth for trimming the skin. This type of electric shaver gives the precise shave to body parts. (

The best Electric foil shaver

From the record of the year 2019, the following are the best shavers for the clean and precise shave –

  1. Panasonic Arc5 (ES-LV65-S)
  2. Braun (Series 9 9290cc)
  3. Braun (Series 7 7865cc)
  4. Braun (Series 7 790cc)
  5. Braun (Series 5 5090/5190cc)
  6. Panasonic Arc3 (ES8a103S)
  7. Panasonic Arc4 (ES-LA63-S)

Procedure for shaving with the Foil Shaver

The whole procedure is available on the packet of a foil shaver. The steps are given as –

  1. User has to stand in front of the mirror
  2. Apply the best shaving cream on face. The user is able to shave without the cream also. Just the plain water instead of branded cream.
  3. Start the foil shaver. Keep the shaver in close contact with the trim area
  4. For clean shave, the user has to move the shaver up-down and left-right
  5. it gives the clean shave without any irritation of the skin

Maintenance of Electric Foil shaver

The proper maintenance is the best way to achieve the best quality, lifecycle, and effectiveness of the use of the electric foil shaver.

The following points are important while the use of the electric foil shaver –

  1. Don’t ignore the overheating of shaver during the use
  2. Don’t Press too hard when contact with shaving area
  3. Don’t tape too hard
  4. Don’t Store the shaver in wet (Make it dry after the use)
  5. Don’t use any type of brush for cleaning
  6. Keep apart from children

Advantages of Electric Foil shaver

  1. This type of foil shaver provides the smooth shave
  2. The use of this shaver gives the look
  3. After the use of everyday shaving, it gives the more precise, closer shave
  4. The required time for shaving is less as compared to another shaver

The disadvantages of Electric Foil shaver

  1. This shaver having movement in a horizontal, vertical and straight direction.
  2. Sometimes, the shavers are not available in the market which matches the contour of user’s face.

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The user has to use the electric foil shaver neatly to avoid the injury on the body parts. This shaver is available in the market with the modern or new designs which contain the features like as

  1. Multi-blade cutting system
  2. Micro combs
  3. Middle trimmer

How do electric shavers work

how do electric shavers work

Electric Shaver is nothing but the tool which is used for shaving. It has a special electric connection on which it operates.

It is most widely used shaver because of its flexibility and also it Saves much time as in case of other shavers they consume more time to do electric shavers work

Nowadays, modern people use modern methods as they possess some advantages over regular ones.

Wide most shaver used is the “electric shaver”  come Which has an electric connection and battery supply on it.

Electric shaver

The equipment used for shaving is called as a shaver. In which various shavers include apart from all those shaver Electric shaver is most widely used and most efficient.

Later on, Electric shaver also further divided into two subtypes known as,

  • Foil type shaver
  • Disc Or rotary-type shaver

Foil type shaver

Foil type shaver comes under the Electric one. Foil shaver consists of different type of arrangement so that it can use comfortably with body shape.

These are electric shavers having thin metal between is a famous type of shaver which consists of several independent heads which moves according to the shape of a face.

Foil shaver is one of the popular electric shavers.

Rotary or disc type shaver

This shaver also comes under the main Electric shaver. Which has special independent heads which rotate/moves for cutting purpose with accordance with the shape of the face?

Rotary shaver also has some different arrangements that it has Rotary or disc are provided in it so that shaving can be done according to the counter of skin.

Also, Rotary type shaver is provided closed cuts on rough skin too.

Working of electric shaver

AS like conventional blade electric shaver does not work like scissor-type cutting action despite direct contact of blade and skin.

Entering the hair into the screen of razor and blades which are moving.blade are connected to an oscillating motor that moves them in circular form between shaver and skin.

The blade moves with respect to the power of electricity increases.there is a battery supply inside it.also nowadays there is an option of rechargeable battery.

All those electric components are water resistant and safe to use.some of the electric shaver do not require lubrication as they called as dry shavers.

Electric razors do not cause irritation as it does not come in contact with the skin directly.

Benefits of an electric shaver

  • Electric shaver saves much time as it is a generally a time-consuming process.
  • Easy to shave by electric shaver.
  • It is more efficient.
  • Electric Shaver can be used for closed shavings as compared to other methods as they do not cut hairs as closed.
  • Easy in operation.
  • More reliable.
  • Faster to operate.
  • One can easily handle it just by following instructions which are presents on the box of a shaver.

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There are so many shavers are available from which electric shaver is the best one. And most widely used by people.

Electric shaver saves your much time and gives closed cuts as compared to other one.The working of actual electric shaver is quite simple and as easy as explained.

Electric shaver how to use

Electric shaver how to use

Is anything but an advanced science to work an electrical shaver – however on the off chance that this is your first time for the utilization of shaver, and now you might think about whether it merits a change from ordinary wet-shaving, at that point stop!Electric shaver how to use

Despite the fact that ordinary shaving is truly pleasant and gives a fulfillment, electric shaving offers to give the advantages of a quick speed and furthermore is helpful.

It additionally enables you to all the more effectively test for your diverse facial hairdos.

All in all, how to really utilize an electric shaver, appropriately? This may be the inquiry emerging in your brain.

How about we get you walk your way through the electric shaving process.

  • The first step is, to choose from a wide range of reliable electric shavers that will get the job done for you.
  • Look in this part correctly and you are 90% fixed.
  • Be ready to spend a little bit of time for determining if a foil or rotary-head electric shaver is best suited for your skin type, along with your hair toughness and density.
  • You will come across a lot of features which may include water-resistance facilities, rechargeable and removable batteries, self-cleaning or even for machines possessing integrated shaving cream.
  • There is no matter which features are more important for you, read all the product reviews and then only choose a brand with a solid name for better quality products.


Think for brands like Braun, Philips and Remington.

Care to be taken of:

  1. Don’t save and get yourself something of low quality for saving a few pounds.
  2. Treat your newly purchased electric shaver as an investment and as a tool that will just improve all your grooming schedule.
  3. If you are a bit less on cash, I would like to advise you wait until you can afford something which is going to give you good results, and lasts for years.
  4. Honestly speaking, for as a super cheap shaver can cause difficulty in removing hairs, can cause serious irritation and may leave patches for missed hairs.
  5. Okay for now, you chose a high-quality shaver for you. That’s really great!
  6. But wait before you directly use that shaver onto your face, you need to prep your face before it.

There are in-depth discussions in online mediums about grooming technique:

  • Including use of soap, gel or cream in its preeminent form, whether it should be lathered by using a brush or by hand, if it is necessary use pre-shave oil, then shave wet or dry?
  • After grooming, you can begin your shaving but, wait here as you start shaving!
  • As shaving with a consistent razor blade, there’s no “right way” of doing it.
  • You are ready to shave the hair grains, either against the grain or across the grain.
  • Until you have a technique down-pat, approach shaving slowly to avoid irritation.
  • Against the grain often gives the closest shave, but may chafe and redden skin; with the grain is often gentler, but may require more passes.

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Shaving cross ways the hair grain can be a good compromise, but prepare for bit of trialing on face.

Dog grooming shavers what is best

Dog grooming shavers what is best

Grooming of dog is basically a refer for hygienic care of dogs and the cleaning. This is also a process by which appearance of dog showing for some competitions.Dog grooming shavers what is best

Need of grooming:

Grooming is part of dog’s life. Which it increases the lifespan of them. The grooming is depending on the dogs age, health. By all this parameter how much the grooming is dog indeed is based. Dogs also have the regular grooming for their healthy life.  Dogs also need regular grooming for their healthy life.

Need of daily grooming:

  • Because of the daily grooming the chances of different health issues decreased.
  • Also avoids the many skin problems.
  • Dog daily cleanliness also an important part of daily grooming.
  • Daily grooming avoids the illness of the dogs.
  • Grooming also create the bonding between dog and owner.
  • Also,skin irritation decreases by grooming.

Need of tools for grooming:

Curry brush:

Dogs who having short hairs, rubber curry brush are used. This brush used for massages to dog. This brush used for remove dirt from hair. This rubber brush is best tool for starting and ending the grooming. The dogs who having more numbers of hairs, they can also use the rubber curry brushes for their cleanliness.

Shedding blade:

The shedding blades are used for excess hair of dogs. They remove excess hairs and the dead hair from the dog’s body. It finer the hair and smooth them. We also use it on large area of body. It made up with metal blades. This blade is not use for cutting the hair.

Stainless steel comb:

This stainless-steel comb is about 7-1/2 inch. This stainless-steel comb is useful for all the types of dogs. This comb removes the loose hairs from body. This comb gives perfect finishing. It also glows the skin hairs. This comb is lightweight and easy to handle.

Slicker brush:

Slicker brush also uses for removing loose hairs and dust from hairs. Its shape is rectangular. It also has fine bristles, which are packed tightly.

Shampoos and conditioners:

Shampoos and conditioners are the basic grooming material use for dogs. Some dogs having only shampoo not a conditioner. It depends on the type of dog.

dental care:

Dogs also need brushing like human beings. There is also a brush available for dogs. Health of dog is very important factor.


Dogs also bathed by its owner. Bathing experience is enjoyable for them. Dogs need bath, so take a shampoo and mix with it cold or warm water. Dogs regularly bath with warm water.

Nail cutting:

More important part of grooming is nail clipping. Because of this many disease are avoided from them. Nail clipper is use for nail cutting of dogs.

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Dogs also having grooming. Because of this many health issues are avoided by it. It appearance is used for take part in some competition. Grooming is important for dogs. It take some time but it will definitely increases the lifespain of dogs.