How do Foil shaver works

All the electric shavers are helping the user to groom the hair, trim the beard, shave the chest, back, nose and other body parts also. How do Foil shaver works

The specification of the electric foil shaver:

The foil shaver is consisting of a straight head. The oscillating blades are used in this head which is also called as cutter blades because they are used to cut the unwanted hair.

The electric foil shaver contains thin layer of metal. It covers the blade of the shaver and also protects the skin from direct contact to skin with the sharp blades. The sharp blades move back and forth for trimming the skin. This type of electric shaver gives the precise shave to body parts. (

The best Electric foil shaver

From the record of the year 2019, the following are the best shavers for the clean and precise shave –

  1. Panasonic Arc5 (ES-LV65-S)
  2. Braun (Series 9 9290cc)
  3. Braun (Series 7 7865cc)
  4. Braun (Series 7 790cc)
  5. Braun (Series 5 5090/5190cc)
  6. Panasonic Arc3 (ES8a103S)
  7. Panasonic Arc4 (ES-LA63-S)

Procedure for shaving with the Foil Shaver

The whole procedure is available on the packet of a foil shaver. The steps are given as –

  1. User has to stand in front of the mirror
  2. Apply the best shaving cream on face. The user is able to shave without the cream also. Just the plain water instead of branded cream.
  3. Start the foil shaver. Keep the shaver in close contact with the trim area
  4. For clean shave, the user has to move the shaver up-down and left-right
  5. it gives the clean shave without any irritation of the skin

Maintenance of Electric Foil shaver

The proper maintenance is the best way to achieve the best quality, lifecycle, and effectiveness of the use of the electric foil shaver.

The following points are important while the use of the electric foil shaver –

  1. Don’t ignore the overheating of shaver during the use
  2. Don’t Press too hard when contact with shaving area
  3. Don’t tape too hard
  4. Don’t Store the shaver in wet (Make it dry after the use)
  5. Don’t use any type of brush for cleaning
  6. Keep apart from children

Advantages of Electric Foil shaver

  1. This type of foil shaver provides the smooth shave
  2. The use of this shaver gives the look
  3. After the use of everyday shaving, it gives the more precise, closer shave
  4. The required time for shaving is less as compared to another shaver

The disadvantages of Electric Foil shaver

  1. This shaver having movement in a horizontal, vertical and straight direction.
  2. Sometimes, the shavers are not available in the market which matches the contour of user’s face.

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The user has to use the electric foil shaver neatly to avoid the injury on the body parts. This shaver is available in the market with the modern or new designs which contain the features like as

  1. Multi-blade cutting system
  2. Micro combs
  3. Middle trimmer